Hurricane Irma Putting Humanity In Touch With Its Own Darkness

“We offend the Sun by not greeting it at dawn” ~Taos Indian


Nature is so grateful.

The birds sing thank you at sunrise.

Nature doesn’t complain. It is happy with what it has, and does not ask for more.

Nature makes the best of deprivation, pain, and struggles.

Humans display contentment, joy, and gratitude…only when life is “good” –while they have a job, when they are healthy, when they are celebrating with friends or have money in the bank….or when life seems to be “going their way.”

The moment humans lose their job, lose friends, get sick, when they lose their house and material wealth, or when the sun stops shining….human beings suddenly become ungrateful, complain, lose faith, get bitter, scream “why me?” or strike out at others.

Right now there is a tremendous force happening in Florida. It is Nature’s way of putting humanity in touch with its own Ego.

People are losing their homes, their livelihood, their animals, and their possessions.

Many of them are losing that Faith they proclaim when life is going their way.

Trucks in Water

I believe that if humanity does not clean out its heart and mind, then these kind of disasters will continue and grow worse.

This is no time to be consumed with the routines of daily existence, or the worries of surviving, procreating, and distracting ourselves with entertainment, sports, drinking, “having fun,” wasting time, and shopping at Walmart for the latest electronics, clothing, and junk.


“And these things must come to pass so that man can define himself and choose with his own free will, to be either of the light, or of darkness, and thus determine his eternal destiny.” ~Ysatis De Saint-Simone 1.

Nature has a way of forcing us to deal with ourselves if we refuse to do so.

Eye of the Storm

“Human beings have the potential to transform themselves from man to God-like beings, or from man to a demon. It is all according to his conscious choice. We have a Divine nature. Our mission in this life is that of finding it while we have a physical vehicle.” ~Ysatis De Saint-Simone

The time for humanity to change, transform…evolve, is NOW, not tomorrow, or when things are better in our personal lives, or after our vacation, or when we get older, or after the storm when the rain stops and the wind calms, and the rainbows appear.

We are here in a blink of an eye and then we are gone. Hurricane Irma is sending an important message for our souls…transform and evolve, or die out as a species.


  1. 666 The Era of the Antichrist, by Ysatis De Saint-Simone



The Human Ego is Contrary To Life Itself

“I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contained”

~Walt Whitman



Animals live in the here and now. They are grateful for what they have in that moment.

Nature and the animals honor and respect the Universal flow –the synchronicity and perfection of life –with storms, with the flow of the rivers, and with seasons and changes.


Humans try to fight everything. The human Ego wants everything to go its own way, and in the timing that suits it. The human Ego then gets angry and frustrated when it does not get its way.

Watch out because this is when the Human Ego interrupts the natural flow of life, and stops Love from taking place.

Because when the human Ego gets angry and impatient, it affects everyone and everything that crosses its ugly path.

Nature is patient and does not question.

~Alethea Nova


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Silence the Mind and Peace Will Follow

Visualize that your mind is a pristine mountain lake. At the edge of the lake is a mountain ridge with its image reflected upon the lake’s surface. Imagine that your thoughts are winds that ripple the lake’s surface, preventing you from seeing the reflection clearly, but as your thoughts slow down and the breezes cease… you see the image of the mountains perfectly  ~Joseph Cornell


Look past the illusion -the outward appearance of others. Look past your mind’s desire to judge that which it does not know.

Once you quiet the mind, seek to listen, not to be heard.

Seek to understand, not to be understood.

Give love and kindness -even to those who wish to be angry at you, or to judge you, or hate you.

Ask them questions. Seek to calm them with Love. Then you will see it is not you they hate or are angry with.

If you still find yourself angry, or judgemental; look within your own self. There is something within you that needs to heal, or be changed.

If it is a matter of truth and justice, where someone else is wrong, then correct them with truth, and be true to your beliefs. But admonish them with Love, or both you and the truth will be rejected.

~Alethea Nova

Photo copyright Alethea Nova 2017, all rights reserved. If you wish to share, please ask. Thank you.


Nature Does Not Lie

“Come forth into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher.” ~William Wordsworth

Nature does not envy, nor have jealousy, or desires.

Nature is not revengeful, or untruthful.

Nature is true to itself. It does not lie to its own self, nor to the rest of the world.

~Alethea Nova